Saturday, October 12, 2013

Couponing rules for stores

I have had alot of my facebook friends asking me to teach them how to coupon.  I'm always posting pictures of my hauls and everyone wants to know how. There is alot to learn when couponing but I thought I would share some of the basics.

Walmart: Walmart is a great place to coupon now days. They just changed their policies in the last couple weeks to allow price matching to any competitors bogo (buy one get one) sale. This is great because walmart's prices are usually lower than grocery store prices. Walmart also takes competitors coupons. But they do NOT allow stacking. Sometimes you can get away with it depending on the manager but most of the time I wouldnt count on it.

CVS: This is my definite favorite place to coupon. Getting started at CVS can cost you a little out of pocket because your main goal is to collect those ECBs (Extra care bucks) to use toward other transactions. CVS allows stacking of CVS coupons and manufacture coupons on items. One thing that isnt great is that with the % off coupons you have no way to know which "in ad" items it will work on.

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