Sunday, October 28, 2012

Ways to get Money or Rewards online - FREE

There are alot of people out there who are at home all day. This may because you are out of work or maybe you are a homemaker. Either way, you may be spending alot of time online trolling facebook, reading blogs or playing games. There are actually legit ways to get rewarded for doing simple tasks or playing games in your free time. Searching for ways to make money online usually just brings you to scam survey sites or sites trying to get you to pay for how to guides. Im going to refer you to a few REAL sites that reward you with REAL money or prizes you would actually want yourself.


At this site they reward you with point equal to cents for preforming simple google searches, doing surveys through their partners, playing games & completing trial offers. You immediately get $2.50 for signing up.  I love this site. My husband had signed up for it about a week ago, I was very doubtful and told him it was probably a scam. He spent a couple hours a day completing offers and playing games and within 4 days had $110.00 worth of points. I was shocked. He cashed out using their rewards section which is attached to Amazon. You can use your points to get anything on the Amazon site. Another perk is you earn $0.50 for every referral and 15% of any points they earn. Please use his referral link when signing up. Click here to signup WARNING: Only 1 account per IP address or they will ban you. I suggest searching yourube for points2shop to see members unboxing their rewards and completing offers. This site is definitely the best site I have come across.Click here to signup


This site is pretty cool and easy to use. There are alot of easy and free ways to earn points. They allow you to use junk email addresses when completing offers so this really helps stopping the spam building up in your main email account. They offer tons of options for offers, you can choose offers that immediately credit points, ones that are click for credit and longer ones that offer higher point payouts. The referral program here isnt the best, you only receive 20% of of the points of referred members but they do have alot of referral contests to win huge jackpots of points. You can withdrawal your points into paypal at a minimum of $1 and they have a point to dollar conversion tool. They also allow you to use form filling tools when filling in surveys, meaning you can use "roboform" to fill in survey details saving you alot of time on websites. Like Points2shop 1 point is equal to 1 cent. Click here to sign up


This site is another site that offers points to complete tasks and offers. This site pays out to paypal accounts and seems to be very easy. Its paid out $33K to date. This site has monthly referral contests offering cash prizes to 1st through 6th place ranging in amounts from $10-$200. You do not get a payout for referring members, instead you receive 20% of what points they earn and points for members they refer. They offer daily withdrawals to your paypal account with a min of $1.  Click here to signup


This site is pretty good compared to other sites when it comes to payouts. You can withdrawal straight to your paypal at anytime with a min of $1. The are "Click to earn" offers with payouts of 50 cents. And offers completed with rewards up to $10.00. Most offers are free and easy but the top paying ones are the "trials". Site has weekly referral contests. Click to signup


This site is just like Points2shop only there is no signup bonus and there is no immediate incentive for referrals. You receive 20% of anything your referees earn. The rewards are gift cards to sites like Amazon, Nike, Walmart, Sephora and more. I have earned about 50 points in a 30 minute session of playing games. Click here to signup

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