Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Make Money At CVS Next Week!!!

CVS is having 2 sales this year for "Black Friday". If you follow my coupon guide here, you can walk away with tons of FREE items and loads of Extra Bucks Rewards to use on your next CVS trip.

The first sale at CVS this year is from 11/18 - 11/21 ( There are limits of 1 per customer on most items this year.)

I suggest 2 separate transactions in order to spend less cash and earn more Extra Bucks.

Transaction #1 

Starbucks Double Shot $1.99
Earn $1.99 "Extra Bucks"

Powerade 32oz $1
Earn $1.00 "Extra Bucks"

Coke 1.25 liter $.99
Earn $.99 "Extra Bucks"

Starbucks Refresher Beverage $1.50
USE $.55/1 Coupon
Earn $1.50 "Extra Bucks"

Nips Candy 3.5-4oz $.88
Earn $.88 "Extra Bucks"

Haviland Thin Mints 3.5-4oz $.88
Earn $.88 "Extra Bucks"

Scooby Doo Fruit Snacks $2.00
Earn $2.00 "Extra Bucks"

Chex Mix $2.99
Earn $2.99 "Extra Bucks"

Kraft Mac & Cheese $.99
Earn $.99 "Extra Bucks".

After this transaction you should have spent $12.27 out of pocket & Got back $13.22 in "Extra Bucks".

For the 2nd Transaction you will want to use your "Extra Bucks" to pay for the items. You will get all the items for FREE if you do so and still earn more "Extra Bucks" to use on Thursday.

Transaction #2

Hot Wheels Car $1.00
Earn $1.00 "Extra Bucks"

Glade Scented Oil Warmer $1.25
USE $1/1 Coupon
Earn $1.25 "Extra Bucks"

Children's Advil 4oz $2.37
USE $1.50/1 Coupon
Earn $2.37 "Extra Bucks"
(Note: There are $3.00/1 coupons printing at the CVS machine for some customers this week. You can stack this with the $1.50/1 coupon. This will give you a $2.13 overage to put toward your other items)

3M Command Hooks $.99
USE $1/1 Coupon
Earn $.99 "Extra Bucks"

Kleenex 3pk $1.00
Earn $1.00 "Extra Bucks"

At the end of transaction #2 your total should be $4.36 or $2.23 if you were able to get the Children's Advil coupon from the CVS machine

You should earn $6.86 in "Extra Bucks" at the end of transaction #2 Leaving you with a total of $15.72 in "Extra Bucks" to use on your next visit.

Make another visit on 11/22 to get the following items FREE. 

CVS AAA or AA 4pk $1.00
Earn $1.00 "Extra Bucks"

Phillips Ear Buds $6.99
Earn $6.99 "Extra Bucks"

GUM Toothbrush 2pk $2.50
Earn $2,50 "Extra Bucks"

CVS Dental Flossers $2.00
Earn $2.00 "Extra Bucks"

After all 3 trips to CVS you will be spending a total of $12.27 out of pocket. You will have a total of $15.72 in Extra Bucks and all the listed items!!!!!!

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